Winter wheat harvest approaching


Winter wheat harvest approaching

The time for winter wheat harvest is approaching.

Pioneer field agronomist Scott Eversgerd tells Brownfield the wheat in his area of southern Illinois should be ready around June 20th.

“It’s kind of interesting. Coming out of the winter the wheat was flying along and we were expecting to be harvesting wheat by about the 10th of June. But the cold weather in late April and May really slowed the wheat crop down.”

He says if the warm weather holds out, his area should see good test weights.

“Really watch that forecast. If you get an opportunity to harvest wheat at 15 or 16% and they’re calling for five days of rain after that, a lot of times it is definitely advantageous to get out there and get it before the rain.”

He says farmers who plan to plant double crop soybeans after wheat harvest need to be finalizing management plans and consider a burn down for weed control.

Comments from an interview with Scott Eversgerd

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