Michigan corn & soybeans progressing, asparagus harvest continues


Michigan corn & soybeans progressing, asparagus harvest continues

Warmer temperatures helped Michigan farmers last week.  USDA reporters say planting moved along nicely for corn and soybeans, and the corn and beans already in the ground were emerging well.  Growth was reported as good for wheat and hay through Sunday, as well.

The asparagus harvest is continuing, but there were several reports of asparagus beetle activity.  Sweet corn planting has begun, and potato emergence is continuing in central Michigan.

Tart cherries in the northwest are into bloom.  Apple blooms in eastern Michigan are nearly complete.  Peaches in Southwestern Michigan are out of shuck.  Southwestern blueberries are in full bloom.

Only 3.6 days were listed as suitable for fieldwork because of moist conditions.  Nearly all of Michigan’s soil has adequate or surplus moisture.

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