USDA will cover corn silage, contracted milk under CFAP


USDA will cover corn silage, contracted milk under CFAP

The USDA will be allowing payments to farmers under the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program to cover forward contracted milk and corn silage. 

Wisconsin FSA Director Sandy Chalmers says, “Yes, milk is eligible for payment whether it’s forward-contracted or not.”

Chalmers tells Brownfield there has been a lot of confusion about what commodities are covered and has been making changes and clarifications to CFAP rules, including Secretary Perdue’s decision to allow corn silage payments. “And to do that, you take the number of tons, multiply that by a factor of 7.94 bushels per ton and that will give you the number of bushels that you would enter on your CFAP application.”

Chalmers dairy animals not being used for milk production qualify for payments as beef animals. She says her office is working with USDA to clarify what, if anything can be done for seasonal dairies, and the eligibility of hay and haylage in the program.

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