Stabenow proposes Food Supply Protection Act


Stabenow proposes Food Supply Protection Act

The Senate Ag Committee’s top Democrat has introduced new legislation aimed at protecting the food supply chain.  Debbie Stabenow of Michigan says her Food Supply Protection Act would strengthen the food supply by redirecting food to families and helping farmers and processors retool their operations. 

The bill includes grants, loans, and loan guarantees to help farmers and small to medium sized processors upgrade and help them cater to new markets, such as shifting from a bulk foodservice product to retail packaging.  Stabenow also says her bill would include products and services left out of the current USDA food box program.

Stabenow says the bill would help fill the gaps in the broken food supply chain, reduce food waste, and help farmers, workers, processors, food banks, and families in need.  That includes infrastructure grants for refrigeration, transportation, and personal protective equipment.  The bill also calls for grants and reimbursements to purchase excess food for food banks, schools, and nonprofit organizations.

Stabenow’s Food Supply Protection Act has several Democratic co-sponsors including Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith from Minnesota, and Dick Durbin from Illinois.

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