Pork industry hopeful grilling season will result in a demand spike


Pork industry hopeful grilling season will result in a demand spike

With the grilling season officially underway, the National Pork Board says they’re expecting a strong demand pull from consumers this summer.

Tara Ann Dugan is the director of research and insights for the organization.  “The Pork Checkoff really sees strong performance for pork,” she says. “Now that 100 percent of packing plants are operating at greater than 60 percent and consumers are excited really expand their cooking and preparations beyond the kitchen.”

She tells Brownfield with processing facilities back online and daily slaughter totals increasing, they’re expecting fewer disruptions in the supply chain.  “Fewer consumers are reporting out of stocks – especially when they are going to the grocery store and shopping for fresh pork,” she says.  “Not only are they able to get some of their beloved cuts, but they’re also seeing some of those larger pork cuts available as well – such as whole shoulders.”

Dugan says while social distancing restrictions are starting to relax, their research shows at least 55 percent of consumers are still avoiding eating out.  She says that’s good news for pork demand as consumers are turning to grilling more frequently as a reason to get outside. 

AUDIO: Tara Ann Dugan, National Pork Board

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