Nebraska to provide ‘small producer’ livestock grants


Nebraska to provide ‘small producer’ livestock grants

The state of Nebraska will use 100 million dollars of the funding it received through the federal CARES Act to provide stabilization grants to smaller livestock producers.

Producers with between one and ten employees will be eligible for a 12-thousand dollar grant from the state.

Governor Pete Ricketts announced the program yesterday during his COVID-19 news conference.

“We want to make sure that we’re taking care of our small livestock producers as well because they’ve been impacted,” Ricketts said. “We certainly know about some of the issues with regard to where commodity prices are. We’ve seen what is happening in the food processing industry, where we’ve had huge slowdowns and people not being able to get their animals to market.”

The Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Cattlemen’s organizations thanked Ricketts for recognizing the extreme economic hardship that livestock producers have weathered over the past months.

Full details of the grant program are forthcoming. Nebraska Cattlemen said it will keep its members up to date as full details of the program, including the application process, are announced.

Nebraska is receiving $1.25 billion through the CARES Act to aid coronavirus relief efforts.

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