Missouri dairy farmer looking forward to more certainty


Missouri dairy farmer looking forward to more certainty

A northwest Missouri farmer is hoping for more certainty and normality when COVID-19 subsides.

Sean Cornelius of Caldwell County says the pandemic continues to hit his dairy operation hard. He says his milks settlement dropped $4 per hundredweight from March to April.

“It looks like the forecast for May will be another dollar underneath that. So, practically a 35% drop in milk prices in 60 days.”

He says usually when the dairy industry is struggling, his row crop business evens things out. But impacts from the virus took a toll on all sectors of agriculture.

“Hopefully this will be a short-lived downturn and opening back up our economy will get demand going again and we will get some trade going.”

Cornelius says trade is still the most important piece of the puzzle for recovery.

Interview with Sean Cornelius

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