FSA Director says CFAP applications can be amended


FSA Director says CFAP applications can be amended

An FSA State Director says farmers and ranchers that have already applied for CFAP benefits can revise their application if they are eligible for additional benefits.  Wisconsin Director Sandy Chalmers tells Brownfield there is new information coming out that farmers might not have known when applying early. “If somebody submitted an application for dairy on Tuesday morning first thing and then later found out that silage was eligible or dairy animals that entered the beef market were eligible for a livestock payment, that producer could revise the application.”

Chalmers says there is a lot of confusion right now about the CFAP program. “There’s a real feeling out there that FSA is going to run out of money and if you don’t get your application in right away, you’re likely not to get a payment, and that’s not true.” Chalmers says the CFAP program does not have the limited funding most other programs have.

Chalmers says farmers applying for CFAP payments should contact their FSA office with questions, and dairy producers especially should gather their milk production records and start at the USDA website to fill in a worksheet before their FSA office appointment.

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