Rain & flooding causes trouble for Ohio crops


Rain & flooding causes trouble for Ohio crops

Increased rainfall and localized flooding brought Ohio planting to a halt in most areas.  USDA reporters say weather was only suitable for fieldwork for a day and a half last week.  Surplus topsoil moisture levels jumped from 29% to 56% through Sunday because of the precipitation.  Forty-seven percent of the subsoil is also carrying excess moisture.

The rains caused some damage to recently planted fields, but most reporters told USDA it was too early to assess how severe the damage is.

Some Ohio farmers did get some spraying done and a few farmers had begun cutting first crop hay.

Sixty-six percent of the state‚Äôs corn is planted with 32% emerged.  Fifty-three percent of the soybeans are planted, with 20% of the beans emerged.  Eighty percent of the oats have emerged, and 95% of the winter wheat is jointing.

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