Nebraska ‘drought’ talk subsides–for now


Nebraska ‘drought’ talk subsides–for now

This time last week some central Nebraska farmers were talking about drought. Some areas had not received any rain for over a month.

That situation changed rather quickly over Memorial Day weekend.

“We had from four to over seven inches, depending upon the fields,” says Randy Uhrmacher of Hastings.

Uhrmacher says he would have settled for half that much.

“We were just finishing up running pivots early in the week. The top three inches was getting either powder dry or starting to get hard in our heavier clay soils on the hillsides,” he says. “I hate to complain about rain, but it would be kind of nice to have it spread out a little bit.”

Uhrmacher says the rainy and cloudy weather has slowed the crops down.

“They’re a little bit yellowish—a little slow to grow. But other than that, they do look pretty decent.”

He says he had everything planted by May 2nd.

AUDIO: Randy Uhrmacher

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