National Milk Producers: Cull cows, contracted milk eligible for CFAP


National Milk Producers: Cull cows, contracted milk eligible for CFAP

The National Milk Producers Federation says there might be confusion about CFAP eligible payments for dairy producers.  Senior Vice President Chris Galen tells Brownfield they have been told by USDA that cull cows are available for payment because they are also part of the beef supply.  Galen says he hopes county FSA offices have that same understanding. #There is a payment available depending on your first quarter inventory, and even your second-quarter inventory for them, so that is something that USDA has assured us will be the case, and that’s why I’m glad we’re talking here because if people get pushback from their county office that culled cows are not eligible, then we need to know about that and hold USDA’s feet to the fire.”

Unlike Galen says milk, unlike other commodities is eligible for CFAP relief if forward-contracted. “Dairy Margin Coverage Program, the Dairy Revenue Protection Program, the Livestock Gross Margin Program, or forward contracts, and some milk may be in multiple versions of those things, all of that milk is eligible.”

Galen says National Milk is keeping track of producer questions that USDA is not able to answer, or inconsistencies in applying for the CFAP program so they can work with USDA at the national level to smooth things out.

NMPF’s website has more resources for producers including a special page on coronavirus relief programs.

Chris Galen with National Milk Producers Federation discusses the CFAP program and dairy eligibilities for milk & culled cows with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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