Survey of ag businesses shows COVID-19 recovery expectations


Survey of ag businesses shows COVID-19 recovery expectations

A new survey of ag businesses highlights the impact of COVID-19 and their expectations for recovery.

The survey of more than 50 ag companies conducted by Wisconsin-based Black Dirt Communications resulted in 40% saying they are down a bit since the pandemic started, with 12% actually doing better than before and 1 in 5 companies saying it is too soon to tell.

As for recovery time, 18% say they will be ready to go when things return to normal, 38% say it will take a few weeks, 32% say it will be at least 6 months and 10% think it will be a year before they recover.

More than half of the companies reported that getting salespeople and customers face-to-face in the field is their biggest issue along with the decrease in purchases from customers.  

More than three-fourths of the companies surveyed serve dairy and livestock producers with the balance servicing row crop and specialty farming operations.

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