Small meat processors booked past Christmas


Small meat processors booked past Christmas

The COVID-19 pandemic that has slowed the slaughter of animals at meat processing plants has been a boon for small processors.

The University of Missouri’s Bryon Wiegand is technical advisor for the Missouri Association of Meat Processors, “I will tell you this, if you’re in Missouri and probably many other places in this country and you own a small or very small meat processing plant you’re probably working harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.”

Wiegand says some are scheduled to slaughter past Christmas but it’s those that have slaughter operations that are VERY busy…

“Those that do not slaughter are probably feeling a little bit of a pinch right now because they would buy expected product from larger distributers that are tied back to the much, much larger plants in this country.”

He says some of those butcher shops that defer the processing are probably feeling a bit of a squeeze right now in terms of wholesale products.

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