National FFA develops program to help chapters during COVID-19


National FFA develops program to help chapters during COVID-19

The National FFA Organization has developed a COVID-19 Chapter Assistance Program to help chapters during these uncertain times.

National FFA Chief Program Officer Christine White says spring is typically a time when FFA members and chapters can conduct fundraisers and plant sales.

“The program really offers these chapters up to $2,000 to assist them and make up some of that financial gap that they’re missing through some of these pivotal projects they would do here in the spring and over the summer,” she says.

She says the program was made possible with support from Cargill.

“This program came from working with Cargill and them seeing the need to provide for chapters and having an understanding and heart for rural youth and rural agriculture and really helping chapters thrive,” she says.

White says it’s critical to support FFA members during this time.

“Being able to provide financial resources that when normal, whatever normal will look like comes, these chapters will be set up to be able to continue those excellent opportunities,” she says.

Chapters have until June 12 to fill out an online application. White says the application will ask chapters to describe events that were cancelled, financial losses, and how the funds would be used.

Audio: Christine White

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