Milk futures lower, cash dairy mostly higher

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Milk futures lower, cash dairy mostly higher

The most active Class III Chicago Mercantile Exchange milk futures were lower Thursday. June was down $.08 at $12.63 per hundredweight and July was $.08 lower at $17.06, while August was down $.16 at $16.53 and September was a dime lower at $16.44.

Cash markets were steady to higher ahead of what turned out to be a bearish USDA cold storage report for April. Block cheddar was $.0175 higher at $1.9375 and barrels were up $.0375 at $1.89. Butter was up $.0075 at $1.6425 with six loads sold, including one at the closing price. Nonfat dry milk was $.02 higher at $1.015 with four loads sold, three of those at the closing price. Dry whey was unchanged at $.3625.

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