Lawyer at grain briefing foresees workplace COVID litigation


Lawyer at grain briefing foresees workplace COVID litigation

A private attorney with the OSHA workplace safety practice group says he believes this country is on the verge of a tidal wave of litigation stemming from COVID-19.

Eric Conn with Conn Maciel Care, LLP, was the featured speaker on the National Grain and Feed Association webinar today, “We are, I think, on the verge of seeing a tidal wave of litigation, around the country related to COVID-19.”

OSHA’s ‘workplace’ definition covers grain handling facilities and grain offices.

Conn says, in addition to other safety measures, those facilities should clean with EPA approved chemicals on equipment and surfaces, “Because you already do have a really good structure in place for that in the grain industry.”

Conn says it’s crucial that every workplace have a written response plan, “You should have a written COVID-19 exposure control plan for how you’re going to manage this particular health hazard while it still exists and is a potential threat to our workplaces.”

Conn says OSHA has been flooded with worker complaints about employers’ handling of COVID-19 safety preparedness which it investigates individually.

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