Corn grower says here we go again


Corn grower says here we go again

A southwest Missouri farmer says he was hoping for a turnaround this year from the 2019 planting season but that’s not the case. Kyle Kirby farms at Liberal, Missouri near the Kansas line. Kirby tells Brownfield Ag News, “We’re right back to the same cycles. We’ve got a lot of rain coming in the forecast for the next few days. And, so, here we are at the latter part of May and we’re already at almost 30 inches of rain for 2020.”

Kirby’s southwest Missouri area got a record 80 inches of rain last year. While he has about 90% of his corn planted, 70% is up and he’s worried about slow growth because of the rain and cold temperatures.

Kirby is past president and current board member of the Missouri Corn Growers Association.

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