USDA outlines CFAP program payment limits


USDA outlines CFAP program payment limits

The USDA released more details about the coronavirus relief program’s direct payments for farmers, including what the payment limits will be.

USDA Undersecretary Bill Northey says, “That is $250,000 across the different commodities.”

Northey told reporters Tuesday only producers will be eligible for the payments, and not processors, and that includes processor-owned livestock.

Northey says USDA typically caps payment amounts in programs, but

he says corporations, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships might qualify for more. “If they have members, shareholders who contribute and will certify that they contribute at least 400 hours of active personal labor or active personal management to the corporation, then they can receive additional payment money.”

And Northey says the business might be eligible for up to 750-thousand dollars if three members of the business meet those guidelines.

The money will come from both the Commodity Credit Corporation and the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, and farmers can start applying through their local Farm Service Agency office Tuesday, May 26th.  Both President Trump and Northey anticipate the first payments to be made about a week after applications begin.

Northey says many of the forms and a payment calculator are available ahead of the signups now at USDA’s website,

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