NFU pleased with coronavirus relief payment announcement


NFU pleased with coronavirus relief payment announcement

Farmers will be able to sign-up for coronavirus relief payments next week and National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says it will help alleviate pressure on the industry.

“This is good news and its help is sorely needed,” he says.  

Larew tells Brownfield he’s not too worried about the payment breakdowns.   

“Because we know that there’s already talk of another stimulus bill and that will be able to gage where the additional needs are and whether or not there’s enough assistance in there for livestock and dairy, for example” he says “But right now it’s about getting resources out there as soon as possible.”   

He says there’s no doubt this assistance will be helpful, but more will likely be needed. 

“As quick as this is coming, it can’t come quick enough for those folks who are unable to pay their feed bills or to pay and service their debt right now, help is needed as quickly as absolutely possible,” he says.

NFU advocates on behalf of nearly 200,000 farm families and their communities.

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