Warmer weather comes at the cost of heavy rain, but a dry spell is coming


Warmer weather comes at the cost of heavy rain, but a dry spell is coming

Warmer temperatures after last weekend’s freeze have come at the cost of significant rainfall across parts of the Midwest.

Brownfield’s meteorologist Greg Soulje says there was a wide and complete covering of 1 to 3 inches of rain over the past 24 to 36 hours.

“As far east as the thumb area of lower Michigan, as far south as Kokomo and over through West Lafayette and westward across much of northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, along and west of the Illinois River, into northern Missouri and back up into southern and eastern Iowa.”   

He says pockets south of Des Moines, west of Chicago and southwest of South Bend approached 5 inches of rain which will keep planters out of the fields for a while and threaten emerging crops. Soulje says more rain is coming this weekend, but weather might balance things out next week.

“With maybe an extended window of opportunity especially for the central and western Corn Belt and back into the plains states, as we see it next week: a window of five to seven, maybe even ten days’ worth of appreciable dry weather.”

He says rainfall this weekend could be between half an inch to two inches with some severe weather focusing on the eastern and southern Corn Belt. Soulje says on the bright side, next week’s dry spell could last through Memorial Day weekend.

Interview with Greg Soulje

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