RFA’s Cooper is confident biofuels assistance will happen


RFA’s Cooper is confident biofuels assistance will happen

The latest coronavirus relief package, which contains several provisions for agriculture, is expected to receive House approval today.

The bill, which is called the HEROES Act, includes financial assistance for the struggling biofuels industry. Geoff Cooper of the Renewable Fuels Association was asked if he thinks the biofuels provision has enough Senate support to be included in a final compromise bill.

“We’re pretty optimistic about that,” Cooper says. “There is strong support in the Senate, on both sides of the aisle, for considering some direct relief—emergency relief—for the biofuels industry, similar to what we see in the HEROES Act.

“You’re right, the Senate is not just going to pick up the HEROES Act and run with it. But there are pieces of that bill, including the Renewable Fuel Reimbursement Program, that we think will be strongly considered for inclusion in whatever the Senate pulls together.”

The Senate is not expected to act on another relief bill until after Memorial Day.

AUDIO: Excerpt from Geoff Cooper’s comments

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