Missouri hog producer asks consumers to be patient


Missouri hog producer asks consumers to be patient

A Midwest hog producer is asking consumers to be patient at the grocery store with higher prices and the need to limit purchases of meat for the time being.

“Just buy what they need. Buy what they would normally buy. Let’s not go out and over buy. Because that then means there’s somebody else is coming in the store behind you that maybe doesn’t get anything.”

Todd Hayes of Missouri tells Brownfield it’s important consumers understand why prices are going higher and why it is not the farmer’s fault, “It doesn’t mean that I’m charging more for my animals or a guy that’s selling cattle doesn’t charge more for his cattle. Our price is set in a way that – we don’t set our price.”

Hayes says it’s important for the U.S. to never be in the position of having to import a high percentage of imported foods.

“The American farmer can produce it. We’ve just got a little glitch in the system, supply line, as far as the processing of it.”

Hayes raises hogs in northeast Missouri and is vice president of Missouri Farm Bureau.

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