Tyson discounts some beef cuts


Tyson discounts some beef cuts

Tyson Foods is discounting prices on some beef cuts this week.

In a report on CNN, Tyson said some beef items could be discounted by 20 to 30 percent through Saturday.

Gary Mickelson of Tyson says the company wants to help keep beef on tables as packing plants return from reduced levels of production.

Mickelson says the discounts – on items such as chuck and round roasts, as well as some ground beef products – also benefit cattle producers by helping maintain beef consumption.

Wholesale beef prices began trending lower Wednesday after a steep pandemic related upturn. Boxed beef prices are $200 higher than they were a month ago, but fell about $18 from Wednesday to Thursday.

Tyson and other companies have had to shut down plants because of thousands of packing plant workers testing positive for Covid-19. Many of the plants are resuming operations.

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