Illinois farmer still confident in planting corn before beans


Illinois farmer still confident in planting corn before beans

Picture taken by Andy Bauman

As planting soybeans before corn becomes more common, an Illinois farmer says he sees less risk in continuing to plant corn first.

Andy Bauman farms near Pontiac in northeastern Illinois. He tells Brownfield many farmers are talking about how research has shown early planted soybeans will yield more, but no one has mentioned what could be lost in corn yield by not planting corn first.

“It could be another five or six days before we do anything. We are pushing late May and we would not have had any corn planted. So, my choice is to just plant our corn maybe a little sooner than we would like and not sit around and wait on beans because we will go right into beans as soon as we are done.”

Bauman says he realizes soybeans may have handled last weekend’s cooler temperatures better, but he is happy to have most of his corn in the ground before the upcoming rains.

Comments from an interview with Andy Bauman

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