Farmer says cool conditions hurt emerged corn


Farmer says cool conditions hurt emerged corn

Southern Indiana Farmer Ben Kron says recent wet and cool conditions are a concern for his newly emerged corn crop.

“The corn is starting to come out of the ground so we’re driving around seeing what kind of emergence issues we’re having,” he says. “Some of the corn didn’t come out of the ground quite like we wanted it to, but it’s all getting there and we’re going to have to get some warm weather and see what happens.”

Kron says although he wishes stands were better, this planting season is much better than last year.

“We’re way, way ahead of last year,” he says. “I would say we’re about 80 percent done right now and last year we may have been five percent done at this point.”

He says warmer temperatures in the forecast should help the crop.

Audio: Ben Kron

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