2020 the year that could’ve been


2020 the year that could’ve been

2020 was shaping up to be a profitable year for west-central Minnesota crop farmer Noah Hultgren.  But he says that all changed when COVID-19 reached the U.S.

“With a good crop (dependent) on getting in the field at a normal time, a couple months ago things were looking like we might have some positive numbers finally. Which we all absolutely need to have.”

The corn, soybean, sugarbeet, alfalfa and canning crop producer from Raymond tells Brownfield there was no way to plan for a global pandemic.

“It’s impossible to know something like that’s going to happen. (the pandemic) has just kind of thrown everything out of whack. Hopefully we can all survive.”

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted demand, leading to widespread collapses in commodity prices.

Hultgren, a past president of the Minnesota Corn Growers, says the ag sector needs more federal assistance to weather this latest setback.

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