Pivot Bio launches wheat product, secures funding to expand


Pivot Bio launches wheat product, secures funding to expand

Pivot Bio has launched its new microbial nitrogen fertilizer for wheat, Pivot Bio RETURN. Mark Reisinger is the vice president of commercial operations with the company.

“(Pivot Bio RETURN) is a great opportunity to show what this company can do with all types of cereals that for years have not had the equivalent of inoculants in soybeans,” he says. “As an industry, we have not had the ability to put a biological in with anything other than soybeans or legumes to grow nitrogen on a daily basis until Pivot Bio created these opportunities.”  

Pivot Bio RETURN is sold out for 2020, but he says the company plans to ramp up production in 2021.

He says it will benefit growers during growing seasons… “because the nitrogen is delivered through a biological and that biological binds to the roots of plants and delivers nitrogen on a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis,” he says.

Reisinger says Pivot Bio also recently raised $100 million to expand operations and meet demand to replace synthetic fertilizer.

“That will help us not only continue to expand in the US and internationally in corn but also break into new markets like what we’ve done with wheat and also into other cereal crops,” he says.

Pivot Bio says the funding will help the company scale its corn product to millions of acres in 2021.

Audio: Mark Reisinger

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