Michigan planting and fieldwork slowed by cold weather


Michigan planting and fieldwork slowed by cold weather

The weather slowed down Michigan farmers in the field last week, and the cold weekend damaged fruit crops in parts of the state.

Drier conditions allowed for spring field preparation although the cooler temperatures slowed pasture, hay, and wheat growth. In the East Central region, sugarbeet planting progress held steady but growth was hindered by colder conditions.  Snow, freezing temperatures, and the threat of rain kept farmers from making significant planting progress in the upper peninsula and northern lower peninsula.

Potato planting continued at a moderate pace and some are starting to sprout in southeastern Michigan.  Thirty-seven percent of the corn, 35% of the state‚Äôs soybeans, 29% of the barley, 69% of oats, and 85% of the sugarbeets are planted.  USDA reporters say none of the corn and soybeans have emerged yet.

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