Hayes says about three weeks left


Hayes says about three weeks left

A northeast Missouri hog producer says some producers have been able to get their hogs to slaughter as some plants have come back online but time is running out. Todd Hayes tells Brownfield no hog producers in Missouri have had to euthanize their pigs yet, “Every week we go by without getting more pigs in we’re going to get a backlog on our farms and we’re going to be faced with that decision in the near future if we don’t get some increase in slaughter capacity real soon.”

Hayes, who is Vice President of the Missouri Farm Bureau, says even with plants coming back online under President Trump’s executive order, they won’t be as efficient as before. Hayes says they’re grateful Trump called for the plants to reopen but said they want to make sure workers are safe.

Hayes estimates about three weeks is the limit for holding hogs back from slaughter.

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