Quick to plant but now frost and continued flood risk


Quick to plant but now frost and continued flood risk

A northwest Missouri farmer says despite storms in his area planting has been steady. Blake Hurst is president of Missouri Farm Bureau and tells Brownfield his seed dealer says corn is all planted in their area and soybeans are about half done. Hurst tells Brownfield Ag News, “Even though there’s been some storms across Missouri, terrible storms with hail and tornadoes, we’ve actually been very, very dry. So planting progress has been very, very quick.”

But, there’s a good chance of frost tonight. Hurst says, “We’ve got to be concerned about that.”

And, he says, they are still at risk for flooding, “On an average year our biggest precipitation month is June so I think we’ve got to get into mid or late summer before we start breathing any kind of sigh of relief. But, so far, so good.”

Hurst says farmers in his area are making progress every day on levees damaged from last year’s flooding adding that his brother has repaired all of their private levees on the Tarkio River.

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