Northern Illinois farmer happy his corn has not emerged


Northern Illinois farmer happy his corn has not emerged

A northern Illinois farmer says given the weekend weather forecast; he is content with his crop’s development right now.

Andy Bauman, who farms near Pontiac, tells Brownfield some of his corn has been in the ground for 24 days and not yet emerged.

“They are saying we will have five hours of below freezing weather and a couple in the 20’s, so I am happy where we are. I don’t want them to emerge at this point.”

He says they could really use some warmer weather to push the corn up out of the ground and dry up the remaining fields to plant the rest of their corn.

Photo taken by Andy Bauman 4-30-20

“Right now, we are sitting about 75% done on our corn and haven’t planted any beans. We actually got the bean planter out today and that will be what we do first because with what we have left to plant (of corn) it won’t be fit.”

Bauman says COVID-19 has not really changed their farming routine, but they are being cautious.

Interview with Andy Bauman

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