Fischer, Grassley applaud Trump’s call for DOJ investigation


Fischer, Grassley applaud Trump’s call for DOJ investigation

Nebraska U.S. Senator Deb Fischer, speaking during the 2018 farm bill debate.

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley are applauding President’s Trump’s call for a Justice Department investigation into possible anti-competitive behavior in the beef industry.

Fischer told Fox News it’s concerning when beef packers are making record profits at the same time cattle producers are experiencing big losses.

“Right now, we are seeing great prices for the packers. I understand that markets cycle up and down but when you have such a discrepancy in prices compared to the family farmer working on his ranch to produce that critter which is going to end up as a good steak, that needs to be looked into,” Fischer said. “We want to make sure we have a supply chain that works well for all participants—and we also want to make sure we have good protein on our shelves.” 

Grassley says he’s glad DOJ is getting involved to determine if any collusion in the packing industry has taken place in violation of antitrust laws.

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