Parson, Dieckman applaud A-G Schmitt


Parson, Dieckman applaud A-G Schmitt

Missouri Governor Mike Parson and Missouri Cattlemen’s Association President Marvin Dieckman are pleased state Attorney General Eric Schmitt is urging the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the meat industry.

Parson, a third generation cattle producer, says he understands the years long stress in the cattle business and that U.S. cattlemen and cattlewomen need transparency and accountability from meat packers.  Parson says it’s important that the state’s farmers and ranchers know that Missouri supports them.

Dieckman says Missouri Cattlemen’s Association members are facing economic and financial destruction. He says one segment of the beef industry is making unprecedented profits while everyone else is “making pennies” and they appreciate Schmitt standing up for farm and ranch families in this current crisis.

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