400+ asymptomatic COVID cases at Triumph Foods


400+ asymptomatic COVID cases at Triumph Foods

More than 400 employees and contract works at Triumph Foods pork processing plant in northwest Missouri (St. Joseph) have tested positive over the last week for COVID-19 but they are asymptomatic. That means they don’t have symptoms of the virus.

On Monday, Missouri Health Director Randall Williams confirmed that Triumph was having those workers return to work after being in self-isolation after seven days.

“If you go to the CDC website, and it’s on our website, they say it’s seven days from a positive test if you have no symptoms,” Williams said.

But, on Tuesday, the state health department said they have changed that seven day window to 10 days, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Williams said Monday that he believes asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 are less contagious than those who have symptoms. But, the CDC says that is still unclear.

2,367 workers were tested on site April 27-May 1st.  Williams says some test results are still pending.

Triumph Foods says any workers who become symptomatic should notify their health care provider.

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