Cool, wet week slows Michigan farmers


Cool, wet week slows Michigan farmers

Cool temperatures and rain limited field activity for Michigan farmers last week.  USDA reporters say only three and a half days were suitable for fieldwork, and the weather slowed pasture, hay, and wheat growth.

East Central Michigan sugarbeet planting stayed about a week ahead of normal, as conditions were right for a lot of planting before Sunday.  The upper peninsula had a lot of rain, delaying fieldwork, and leaving a lot of standing water infields.

Eleven percent of Michigan’s corn is planted compared to only 3% a week ago.  Thirteen percent of soybeans are planted.  Barley is 21% planted, oats 57% planted, and sugarbeets are 77% planted with 37% of them already emerging.

Asparagus has emerged throughout Michigan.  Early cabbage, broccoli, turnips, spinach, carrot, and lettuce planting continued last week, no reported emergence yet.  Spring freeze damage to tart cherries and peaches is reported as minimal.

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