Iowa program connects pig farmers with food banks


Iowa program connects pig farmers with food banks

The Iowa Pork Producers Association and Iowa Department of Agriculture have developed a program that connects pig farmers with Iowa food banks.

It’s called the “Pass the Pork” program. Joyce Hoppes with Iowa Pork says it creates a new destination for pork which might otherwise go to waste.

“Our farmers are struggling with some of the challenges with the food supply chain disruptions. So we had farmers willing to donate the pigs,” Hoppes says. “We’re finding locker space and processing space and we’ve teamed up with the food banks and they’ll get it back out into the community.”

Hoppes says the first 30 donated pigs will go to the processer today and will be delivered to the food banks by the middle of next week.

She says it’s another example of how giving farmers are.

“This is gut-wrenching for them to be in this situaiton. So this is a positive—we’re helping others that are in need.”

Hoppes says they are accepting monetary donations to help defray costs associated with the processing, storage and delivery of the pork to food banks and pantries. To contribute, visit the Iowa Food Bank Association website or

AUDIO: Joyce Hoppes

Note: Ames-based Landus Cooperative has announced a $20,000 donation to the “Pass the Pork” program.

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