R-CALF wants Congress to restructure beef supply chain


R-CALF wants Congress to restructure beef supply chain

R-CALF USA is asking President Trump and House and Senate leaders to immediately review the structure of the U.S. beef supply chain. R-CALF supports President Trump’s order to reopen closed meat plants.

R-CALF says “never again” should the closure of one or a few meat plants destroy the livelihoods of America’s producers or disrupt American’s access to an important protein source, beef.

R-CALF says restricted market access and seriously depressed prices for America’s cattle farmers and ranchers, lack of available beef in grocery stores, and near record to record beef prices charged to America’s consumers, reveal that the US must immediately begin the development of a strategic, national food production, processing and distribution policy. meet America’s food security interests, arguably the most vital of interests to all of America.

Their letter says warning signs in the beef industry have been brought to the foreground by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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