Burger’s Smokehouse reopens


Burger’s Smokehouse reopens

Burger’s Smokehouse in central Missouri’s Moniteau County reopened Thursday. The smokehouse shut down twice this month because some workers tested positive for COVID-19. In all, 21 workers were infected.

Burger’s says it has undergone a deep cleaning and has safety precautions in place. Burger’s Smokehouse is the top producer of country hams in the U.S.

StatementCalifornia, MO (April 22, 2020) – The Burgers’ Smokehouse production facility, located in California, Missouri, has voluntarily suspended all production operations beginning Wednesday, April 22, with plans to reopen on Thursday, April 30.  This decision was made after our company was informed on Tuesday that, out of our over 300 employees, 21 total employees had now tested positive for COVID-19.  The data was provided by the Moniteau County Health Center and with that information, we decided the proper course of action was to suspend normal operations at this time. 

All current employees will be paid during the temporary closure, as well as, employees who were already away from work due to COVID-19 related illnesses.  We will maintain rigorous mitigation efforts, including enhanced wellness checks, required mask use and strictly enforced distancing measures, to maintain a safe work environment upon return to full production next Thursday.  In the meantime, we will maintain limited receiving and shipping.

“It is my wish for a quick and complete recovery for all our employees, their families, and the community who have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak,” said, Steven Burger, President, Burgers’ Smokehouse.         

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