Spring calving season for northern Minnesota farmer


Spring calving season for northern Minnesota farmer

A northwest Minnesota farmer is in the middle of calving season.

Shayne Isane runs a cow/calf operation with his brother near Badger.

“A little bit of a struggle early (because) of a lot of snow and cold weather, which hampered us a little bit and caused a delay in getting our cattle out to pasture once they’ve calved, which we like to do as soon as possible. But we battled through that.”

The Minnesota Farm Bureau district director tells Brownfield despite the COVID-19 pandemic, their cow numbers will be a little higher this spring.

“They’ve been a good, steady income for us over the years. And yeah (the cattle markets) are suffering through a really tough time, along with all the livestock industries right now. But I think it’s something that gives us a little stability.”

Isane says wolf attacks are fairly common in his area.  Despite making it through the winter with minimal issues, he says it is very much a concern during calving.

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