Working out the #Plant20 kinks


Working out the #Plant20 kinks

Most farmers use the first several acres to work out any kinks when planting.

Nathan Collins in west-central Minnesota says for him, that means properly tracking every kernel that goes in the ground.

“We do a lot of at-the-point fertilizers. So we’re basically spoon-feeding our crop. So there’s a lot of monitors (and) things to watch.”

He tells Brownfield you only get one chance to put the crop in right.

“And you want to do it as perfect as possible, and in as quick a time as possible. So you get the right ground conditions from the tillage process, then comes the planting. it’s a big job (because) there are a lot of things to watch. You certainly don’t get bored.”

Collins says technology allows him to grow more on the same land his family has been farming for three generations.

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