JBS temporarily shuts down Green Bay packing plant


JBS temporarily shuts down Green Bay packing plant

The JBS Packerland packing in Green Bay, Wisconsin is the latest to shut down because of a coronavirus outbreak.  The voluntary shutdown began Sunday. 

In a statement, Regional Beef President Shannon Grassl says the company focused on doing everything it could to keep the virus out of the facility, but a temporary closure is the most aggressive action they can take to help the community slow the spread of COVID-19.

As of late last week, the Green Bay facility had 189 of their 12-hundred workers test positive for the virus. 

Prior to the shutdown, the Green Bay plant had already been requiring masks for workers, physical distancing, temperature testing, and encouraging workers not to come to work sick. 

The Green Bay plant normally processes about two-thousand cattle a day but had been operating at reduced capacity before the shutdown.  It’s unclear when the Green Bay plant might re-open.

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