Minnesota farmer planting in the “sweet spot”


Minnesota farmer planting in the “sweet spot”

A farmer in west-central Minnesota says he’s planting corn in the sweet spot.

Nathan Collins of Murdock calls the last week to ten days of April “primetime.”

“This is ‘go to work, don’t go home until it’s done’ time of year to get the crop in. And we’re very fortunate to have the start we have, this gives us a better opportunity.”

Depending on the weather the rest of the growing season, he figures the early planting dates will account for a five to ten percent increase in yield.

Collins says field conditions are great, and he’s thankful for some additional help this spring.

“We’ve had some kids quarantined at home, so that’s worked out good to have some extra rock pickers around. Studies come first if you ask the home-school teacher, but when the time comes they can come out and help a little bit. So that’s nice.”

He expects to be nearly a quarter of the way done with corn planting by the weekend.

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