An update on central-Iowa planting progress


An update on central-Iowa planting progress

The owner of a central-Iowa based seed dealership says planters have been rolling full-speed ahead this week.

Sean Blomgren of Blomgren Seed says farmers were ready to go, especially after the 2019 growing season.  “It’s been sun-up to sundown,” he says.  “I would say we have 3 to 4 days and see most corn planting wrap up in this area.  Soybeans, those have been what I would call trickling out.”

He tells Brownfield soil conditions in central Iowa are looking really good.  “We had to really do a gut-check after 2019,” he says.  “It felt like planters were kind of idling on the edges of fields.  I would say we probably pushed conditions a little bit in the beginning.  Soil temps are climbing, the last few days we’ve been a little cool, but we’ve climbed quite a bit.”

Blomgren is based in Boone, Iowa.

AUDIO: Sean Blomgren, Blomgren Seed, Boone, Iowa

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