NCBA pleased with funds but won’t ask for beef buy


NCBA pleased with funds but won’t ask for beef buy

The head of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says they’re thankful beef producers will be getting more than half of the 9 and-a-half Billion dollars in COVID-19 stimulus funds from the USDA.

Colin Woodall tells Brownfield NCBA does not yet know how the funds will be distributed.

“We don’t have the details of exactly how the program is going to be distributed and what the parameters are regarding each individual producers opportunity to take advantage of that program.”

Woodall says that money will be used for direct payments and the industry does NOT have, nor want, anything for commodity purchases.

“Given what we’re seeing with the packing plants that have shut down or have scaled down we need to make sure all of that product is going directly to retail. So, that is our preference right now. So, NCBA will not be asking for a beef buy by the U.S. government nor have we asked for a beef buy.”

The USDA is allowing $3-Billion in ag commodity purchases as part of the 19-Billion-dollar Coronavirus Farm Assistance Program announced last Friday.

^^ Interview with Colin Woodall ^^

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