COVID-19 heightens importance of written planting plans


COVID-19 heightens importance of written planting plans

As 2020 planting gets underway, an agronomist says farmer should have a planting plan written down and accessible.

Chris Brown covers east central Illinois up into southern Wisconsin for Burrus Seed. He tells Brownfield the COVID-19 pandemic heightens the importance of this task.

“If a farmer who has a plan in his head gets sick and is out of commission for two or three weeks in the hospital, not able to have contact with the farm, somebody needs to be able to step in and take off where they left off.”

He says they continue provide agronomic advice virtually and face to face with necessary precautions, based on each customer’s preference.

“It’s a different world we are living in right now and we are learning with everyone else how to best handle it.”

Brown says although most are working from home, agronomists are still readily available for guidance as planters begin rolling.

Interview with Chris Brown

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