Seabord reports one worker has COVID-19


Seabord reports one worker has COVID-19

Seaboard Foods says it’s had one worker confirmed with COVID19 – at its Sioux City, Iowa pork plant.

“We wish it was zero but feel very fortunate that, at this point, it’s only one,” says Kevin Smith, Seaboard’s vice president of sales and marketing, who was on the Kansas City AgriBusiness Council online event Thursday.

Smith says Seaboard is creating as much space between workers on the production line as they can, “Production facilities aren’t the easiest places to create distance but we’re trying to improve things every single day.”

Smith says they are taking precautions at all of their plants, “We’ve implemented temperature checks at all of our facilities. We’ve made facemasks available as well as mandatory within all of our facilities. We’ve opened up some areas outside our facilities to basically expand the areas where people can have lunch or consume food.”

Seaboard operates three pork processing plants, in Oklahoma, Iowa and Missouri.

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