Wisconsin asks dairy farmers to report milk dumping


Wisconsin asks dairy farmers to report milk dumping

Wisconsin’s Ag Secretary wants dairy farmers to report milk dumping.

Randy Romanski says, “This allows our agency to further advocate for the dairy industry. The thing to note is it’s confidential, and this would only be reported in general terms, number of farms, amount of milk.”

Romanski says right now, the state has no clear picture of how much milk is really being dumped, and the information is not coming in through the processors.  He says knowing the extent of the milk dumping might help producers later in the recovery process. “DATCP could further substantiate the toll on dairy farms in our ongoing requests with the USDA to purchase commodities for redistribution, reopen enrollment in the Dairy Margin Coverage Program, or if there are other programs that might come up to help benefit the dairy industry during this crisis.”

Romanski says Wisconsin farmers can report milk dumping to the Wisconsin Farm Center at 800-942-2474. 

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