Most Michigan field work slowed by wetness and weather


Most Michigan field work slowed by wetness and weather

The weather started warmer but ended with a winter storm, slowing down fieldwork last week in Michigan.

The USDA says only 2.8 days were suitable for fieldwork as topsoil moisture was 51% adequate and 48 % surplus.  Subsoil moisture levels were 47% adequate and 51% surplus.  The wetness limited field access, so only some spring tillage, fertilizer application, and manure spreading were accomplished.

The winter wheat crop is 49% good, 33% fair, and only 7% is considered excellent.  Around 10% of the oats and 12% of Michigan’s sugarbeets are planted.

USDA says fruit growers were planting trees and small fruit where they could in southern Michigan, but so far, no planting is underway in the upper peninsula.  The Easter weekend storm slowed down activity in the upper peninsula even further, as many areas reporting up to 12 inches of snow, with some parts of Dickenson County reaching two feet of snow.

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