Keep dicamba application rules in mind for early planted soybeans


Keep dicamba application rules in mind for early planted soybeans

An Illinois weed scientist reminds farmers across the country to keep dicamba application rules in mind when making planting decisions this spring.

Aaron Hager with the University of Illinois tells Brownfield the federal label prohibits application more than 45 days after planting.

“More than likely, that canopy will be nowhere near to being closed by 45 days if we are planting this week.”

Hager says he recommends adding another residual product to the tank for additional weed control for the remainder of the season.

“And try to give us another several weeks of weed free conditions in order to allow those earlier planted soybeans to get their canopy developed. Hopefully that will be sufficient to keep anything out from that point forward.”

He reminds applicators the federal dicamba label is up for renewal and revision by the US EPA this year and those decisions could be made at any time.

Hager reminds Illinois farmers that the state application deadline is June 20th and that the herbicide cannot be applied if the forecasted air temperature at the field is 85 degrees or higher on the day of application.  

Interview with Aaron Hager

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