Agronomist optimistic early-planted soybeans will survive snowstorm


Agronomist optimistic early-planted soybeans will survive snowstorm

An agronomist says some farmers in Wisconsin completed a lot of fieldwork and even some planting before the weekend cold and snow arrived.

Bob Berkevich with Pioneer says, “We’ve had a lot of dry fertilizer and a lot of anhydrous put down in southern Wisconsin and had a few growers who actually have planted anywhere from ten to one hundred acres of soybeans.”

Berkevich tells Brownfield the early-planted soybeans are going to be put to the test, but he’s confident they will be okay, even after this winter storm system is over because of residual warmth in the soil. “I do think those soybeans will feel some stress, but from what we’ve learned in the past couple of years, pushing the early planting envelope on soybeans, they’ve proven to be very resilient and have proven to be able to take a beating, still emerge, and still end up yielding very well even in some conditions that we wouldn’t normally think that they would.”

Berkevich says the recently-planted soybeans have not emerged yet, and growers are putting them in around two inches deep versus the three-quarter-inch depth common with traditional planting times, keeping the seeds insulated better.

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